Shining 3D和TechMed 3D合作伙伴用于多合一人体3D扫描

3D打印机和扫描仪制造商闪亮的3Dhas teamed up with 3D scanning software firmTechMed 3Dto offer an all-in-one hardware and software body scanning combination.

这offering includes Shining 3D’s EinScan H 3D scanner and TechMed 3D’s MSoft scanning software, and aims to better serve those in the orthotics and prosthetics markets who are looking to make the switch to 3D digitization.

Shining 3D产品经理Einscan说:“我们很兴奋,我们现在能够为医疗应用提供多合一的车身扫描解决方案。”“对我们来说,与经过验证的软件合作伙伴一起工作不仅可以丰富我们的3D扫描仪的潜力,而且更多地帮助我们的客户在3D数字化的努力中不断进步。”

这EinScan H and MSoft human body 3D scanning combination. Image via Shining 3D.
这EinScan H and MSoft human body 3D scanning combination. Image via Shining 3D.

Einscan H 3D扫描仪

闪亮的3D’s extensive scanning portfolio comprises both desktop and handheld 3D scanners designed primarily for use by SMEs, professionals, and within educational settings.

这firm’s EinScan 3D scanner series consists of theEinscan Pro HD,其功能最强大的手持式扫描仪之一,点精度为0.04mm,处理速度为每秒3,000,000点,原件Einscan Pro 2x和2x Plusscanners launched in 2018.

EinScan His the latest in the range to be released, launched alongside its industrial counterpart the EinScan HX in September last year. The EinScan H is a handheld 3D scanner designed for, among other things, acquiring a complete 3D scan of the human body safely and efficiently.

这scanner features two capturing technologies, an infrared source and Shining 3D’s own proven LED source, which enables 3D data of hair and other dark objects to be captured with ease and without causing harm to the subject’s eyes.

Equipped with a scan accuracy of 0.05mm and the ability to capture up to 1,200,000 data points per second, the EinScan H is well-suited to art, forensic, and healthcare applications.

Einscan H 3D扫描仪。通过Shining 3D照片。
Einscan H 3D扫描仪。通过Shining 3D照片。

Powered by MSoft

Einscan H具有特定适合矫形器和假肢应用的车身扫描模式,提供了高运动耐受性和一个设定用于处理非韧性对象的对齐算法。使用扫描仪,临床医生能够3D扫描人体的所有部位,包括头部,其易于使用和可移植性,重703克。

结合TechMed 3D的MSOFT软件,Einscan H能够在几分钟内为临床医生提供干净的扫描。MSOFT专门设计用于对人体的3D扫描,使临床医生可以轻松,快速获取现成的文件来修改,设计,3D打印以及适合矫形器和假肢。

通过Einscan H上的内置摄像头,用户可以直接在MSOFT中实时扫描什么,以密切跟踪和监视扫描过程。

“在TechMed3D, we are impressed to see the evolution of the products that Shining 3D can bring to the market,” said Michel Babin, Founder and CEO of TechMed.

“The EinScan H, by its ease of use and its speed, allows us to expand our digitization offer and access to other growth markets.”



医疗模型的3D打印目前是医疗部门3D打印最发达的应用之一。什么时候结合3D扫描and X-ray technologies, these tools can be a very important part of patient care and help surgeons to更好的准备即将到来的治疗

就在上周,IBM Watson Healthand digital services firm利科美国最近启动了最新版本的共同开发的端到端医疗图像交换平台,旨在使3D打印技术更容易被医疗保健领域访问,并简化了创建3D打印解剖模型的过程。


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Featured image showsthe EinScan H and MSoft human body 3D scanning combination. Image via Shining 3D.